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A new Guild

Dec 24,2008

The popular artisan crafts site the guild has had a makeover, and now it is the artful home.  The website features a huge variety of different styles from artisans from around the world.  I especially like their glass/crystal ware selection.  They really look stunning.  This blown glass Christmas ornament is just amazing.It’s probably too late for this year’s Christmas. But you should definitely check out their other beautiful artworks.Artful Home (The Guild)And if you are in the mood for some antiques, check out Galleria Pangea’s Chinese court style painting sale. The reproduction quality is great and now the price is great too. The sale ends soon, so be quick.

Oriental Home Decor

Nov 21,2007

Comparing to other home decor styles, the Oriental decorating style is simple and elegant. People who want a simplistic surrounding often choose an Oriental decor theme. Oriental decor has been popular in the west for many years. The orient decor style is very simple and pays attention to the space required. The polished wood surface, incorporated nature elements, the craftsmanship have made the Oriental Home Decor Style a popular choice even today.

asian home decor  asian home decor

Oriental home decor style mixes well with the modern minimalist looks.  An Oriental piece can also bring the exotic element to your current home style.

Find your Oriental decor furniture, table, nightstand, desk, bench, chair, end table, cabinet, pottery, statue, and home accessory right here. Oriental home decorates comprise of various things from lamps, tables, stools to chairs. Every single item is created for its unique beauty. Being environment friendly these items have increased the popularity of Oriental decor market at a very fast pace.


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Tibetan Decor

Oct 24,2007

Tibetan handmade DresserTibetan furniture offers very colorful furniture pieces, which is very rare in Oriental furniture style. Most of the Tibetan pieces are hand painted with vibrant colors. The paint they use is made with natural mineral ores. This type of paint offers more durability and better colors. The paintings are often religious in nature because the way of life in Tibet is heavily influenced by Tibetan Buddhism religious beliefs. The beautiful paintings, hand painted by Tibetan painters, are works of art by itself.


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Tibet furniture

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Chinese Decor

Oct 22,2007

Chinese decor has influenced a lot of different Oriental countries in terms of home style. Chinese decor style often uses hardwood, cabinets with divided spaces for art display, and wood carving craftsmanship shows in various items.

Chinese artworks can also make a big difference in your home.

Zhong Kui the Ghost CatcherThe study of Chinese style decor is heavily related to the art of Feng Shui. Feng Shui ,literally means the wind and the water, is the ancient wisdom of relationship between home design and the surrounding environment. Feng Shui states that the proper harmonious design will help the rooms channel the Qi (energy) and brings fortune or luck to the house inhabitants. Today’s Feng Shui schools teach that it is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment.Popular Feng Shui items include Chinese dragon, the four gods, foo dogs, and Zhong Kui the Ghost catcher.



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Japanese Decor

Sep 28,2007

Japanese sake setJapanese style’s signature looks include rice paper sliding doors with paper panel, straw mattress/floor mat, bamboo, and rocks. Another important element of Oriental home decorating is light. The boxy structure of the Japanese lamps imitates power and essence. Covered with thin rice papers these lamps allow sufficient light to come out to exhibit the images on it. Beside the rice paper the lamps are sometimes manufactured from silk.

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